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re: Update!!!!


Here is a tad bit more information on fury warriors.


At this current time single minded fury is better then titan grip. 


And here is why!!!!!!


The procs you get on sudden death are more with single minded fury and hit just the same as titan grip damage. So with this being said im currently using the one handed pvp weapons for damage. and now doing about 13k dps on single target after the start of the fight. How its normally breaks down is with all cd's popped I will be around 20 to 23k dps and then it averages out to 13k to 14k in dps. If you do the rotation correctly and get lucky on procs early on you will see about 15k dps in 615ilvl gear. 


With all that being said here is what you are looking for in your gear for single minded fury. CRIT thats it. If it doesnt roll with crit. Its not your friend. Once you get to the correct crit % you need. you can start looking into stacking Mastery/Haste as these 2 are your next focus. Mastery is slightly better then haste for the fact that it increase damage done while enrage. and with single minded fury you are enrage slight more then titans grip. This will change later on when you are geared and titans grip becomes the strong dps. This will happen around full raid geared. That being said if your two 2handed weapons dont have crit on them this will negate the damage bonus of titans grip.


So in the long run if you get lucky on the drops and loot to get the weapons needed for titans grip before fully geared in raid great. If not single minded fury will be your base to use till you get the full clear on Blackrock Foundry. Highmaul will still be single minded fury for raiding. Once you get the gear to support titans grip focus on that and getting to the caps of Mastery and crit asap. 


Anyways will be posting more as I test more on my fury warrior and compare the damage between the two.


In pvp single minded fury with bloodbath talent and the Mark of the Shattered hand enchant will make you able to duel anyone. The only trouble you should run into is Blood dks cause they and AMS your bloodbath. Thats saying the dk you are fighting is watching for that to be used. If the AMS bloodbath then at this time you are screwed lol. Anyways guys gonna be posting some videos and guides on youtube this coming week. 


Check that out on

Thanks for reading

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re: Guide to fury Warriors WoD level 100...


Hello Fellow Fury Warriors. 


Im going to be building this guide over the next few days to explain the best way to play Fury in early stages of this expan. 

Gonna start with the pros and cons of fury.



High Burst Damage.

Easy Leveling Experince.

Easy Rotation.


Without 25% Crit Chance you don't have ENRAGE up all the time to truly benefit from Mastery.

Without using all CD's early you are low on the damage meters till you get better gear.

Mocked by all prot warriors until fully geared.

Requires stacking Crit above all else early on.

Requires getting the enrage proc's to happen in order to do High burst damage.


Now that we have gotten the pro's and con's out of the way. Lets begin talking about early stages and how to deal with gearing issues.


1st thing you wanna think do is get all the gems and enchants you can on your gear for Crit. Once you have hit about 18% to 21% crit chance you will notice you are enrage for about 55% of the fight. Which will give you all the needed procs for Raging Blow and Wild strike procs. As you get further into you gear and get the 25% to 30% Crit chance you will have enrage up almost the whole fight. And for the few times you don't have it up you can use Enrage to get the free proc on Raging blow. This will give you the DPS to top the meters. With that being said it will take some time to get up to that stage. And likely won't have those stats until mostly heroic dungeon geared. Pending you get lucky on the drops and get mostly crit based gear. If not keep farming it will come to you.

There are a few things you can do to make things easier on your grind with rep and apexis crystals. These should be something you focus on as you can get them without worrying about the drops from dungeon and the stats rolled on them. 


Now lets talk about Rotations and Cd's


On the start of a fight you always want to open with Charge. If you didn't know this then you must have bought you warrior on ebay and have no clue what you are doing. But that's okay cause I'm here to give you the run down.

Single target fights....

1. Battle shout - Pending you don't have a hunter in the group or another warrior that has already used this.

2.Wait for tank to have aggro then CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!


4. Raging Blow 

5 Wild Strike if proc'ed If not use Bloodthirst.

6 If Greater then 60 rage and Bloodthirst is on Cd use Wildstrike to drop some rage. Never and I repeat never use wild strike if you only have 45 rage and Bloodthirst is on CD. as you will not have the rage to use the abilities that proc. (if they proc and you have no rage. YOU HAVE NO DAMAGE)

7. Fill with Impending Victory when of CD.

Sub guide to single target.

When in burn phase of any fight use all CD's this includes Recklessness,Dragon Roar, Ravager,Bladestorm, etc...

Make sure you are using these all together. If you are not enrage use ENRAGE first so you get the full damage from your mastery.  Otherwise this is all pointless and you will be lower then the tanks on damage. If you are lower then the tanks on damage you are no good to the raid or yourself. Being ENRAGED is your best friend. Make your guildmates and raiders happen by being ENRAGED all the time. This means slam fingers on keyboard as hard as possible, Yell at the screen as much as possible. Tell you warrior he is worthless. Make him angry. Go hulk on his ass. Alright all joking aside. Be enraged all the time to be the best fury warrior.


Now on to AoE fights.

If more then 4 targets and you will have a minute or so between a boss pull or any other pull.


2. Charge.


4. Raging blow as with the new empowered whirlwind you will strike 3 targets with raging blow.

5. Bladestorm/Ravager pending your current talent choices.

6. Whirlwind and Raging blow as much as possible on proc's and fill with Bloodthirst.

With less then 4 targets follow single target rotation but fill with whirlwind before raging blow.

I Will put another post up on what your stat prio's and gems and enchants should be and other various things later on. 

Thanks for visiting Executioni guide to fury warriors. More infor will be posted as I theory craft my fury warrior with gear.





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