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re: BlackRock Strategies


Blackrock Foundry (N/H)
Written by Accomp -




Heavy incoming AoE damage. Utilize CC. Attempt to solo pull Ogron Hauler.

  • Ogron Hauler - face away from raid. Stand max melee range.

  • Slagshop Brutes - swap a buff called [Lumbering Strength]. The buffed mob should be kited. DPS pair down evenly. They do AoE damage when about to die. Melee should run out, ranged should finish them off.

  • Workshop Guardians - [Grievous Mortal Wounds] debuff (top off tank to remove). Avoid [Spinning Blade].

  • Gronnling Laborer - Big AoE heals during Smash. Dispel enrage.

  • Iron Slag-Shapers - Interrupt [Rain of Slag]

  • Last trash pack pull before Gruul will require heavy AoE healing. Mark a Laborer to cleave off of. Stack for AoE heals.

  • Darkshard Gnasher - Kite [Insatiable Hunger] fixate.

  • Raid should spread when killing Darkshard Crystalbacks.

  • Slag Behemoth - Hide behind spikes for [Blast Wave]. Run away from group if targeted by [Ignite].



  • Phase 1 - [Heroism] on pull. Single target encounter. Raid will stack into two groups - left foot / right foot - will alternate soaking [Inferno Slice]. Face Gruul away from raid, until [Inferno Slice]. Tank swap at 3x stacks of [Inferno Slice]. Spread if affected by [Petrify]. Dodge [Cave In] circles and [Overhead Smash].

  • Phase 2 - Every 2x minutes Gruul gains [Destructive Rampage] - untankable. Dodge 4x [Overhead Smash]. Back to Phase 1.




  • Phase 1 - [Heroism] on pull. Tank Oregorger just outside the narrow hallways. Tanks use CD and swap on every [Acid Torrent]. Off-Tank should stand between the boss and the ranged group to soak [Acid Torrent]. Ranged stack and shift to avoid [Retched Blackrock]. Interrupt [Blackrock Barrage]. Melee move away from [Explosive Shard].

  • Phase 2 - Break as many crates as possible to reveal ore. Avoid Oregorger rolling around the room. Use defensive CDs for end of phase wall crashes. Once Oregorger eats 10x ore, back to Phase 1.


Blast Furnace


  • Phase 1 - Burn [Heroism] on pull. Focus on Foreman and cleave adds down. Once all adds are down, Foreman should be around 60%. Then split into two groups. Avoid Foreman’s [Rupture] pools. DPS priority = Operators > Engineers > Foreman > Security Guards. Cleave is your friend. Interrupt Engineer’s [Repair] and Foreman’s [Pyroclasm]. Engineers drop/throw bombs. Carry the bombs to the Heat Regulator on your side and click Extra Action button to drop it (Be sure to be topped off).  Continue to clear adds/drop bombs until both Regulators are down.

  • Phase 2 - Finish off any remaining Phase 1 adds. Slag Elementals [Fixate] random player. They stand on top of each Primal Elementalist and tank the Slag. Once Slag dies, Elementalist is vulnerable - kill it quickly. Kill Priority = Vulnerable Elementalist > Slag Elemental > Firecaller > Security Guard. Interrupt/stun Firecallers.

  • Phase 3 - Start Boss in far corner of room. Finish off adds. Raid should spread and move when [Melt] drops a Defile-type pool that grows. This will cover most of the room by the end of the fight. Tank swap at 3x stacks of [Heat] or when OT stacks fall off.




Hans’gar & Franzok


  • [Heroism] on pull. Tank next to each other when both bosses are down. Stick towards center of room. Dodge [Searing Plates] and [Stamping Press]. Tank use CD for [Crippling Suplex]. Tank swap after each [Body Slam]. Stop casting during [Disrupting Roar]. Spread if targeted by [Body Slam].


Flamebender Ka’graz


  • 0-24 - Molten Energy - [Heroism] on pull. Tank next to each other for cleave. Face Aknor away from raid, DPS him down first (kill before 25 Molten Energy). Range should stay spread. Dodge [Enchanted Armament].

  • 25-49 Molten Energy - If targeted by [Molten Torrent], stack on melee (heavy aoe heals).

  • 50-74 Molten Energy - Tank faces Overheated Cinder Wolf away from raid. Other Cinder Wolf fixates random player - kite it, avoiding dragging [Fiery Link] over other players. Must kill Cinder Wolves at the same time (must die before 100 Molten Energy).

  • 75-99 Molten Energy - If targeted by [Blazing Radiance], move away from raid.

  • 100 Molten Energy - [Firestorm] for 12 seconds (raid-wide damage). Dodge [Magma Monsoon]. Tank swap at 4 stacks of [Rising Flames]. Rinse, repeat.




  • Tanks taunt at 2x stacks of [Warped Armor]. Orange runes will appear - one player stands in each. Stone hand grabs player. Rest of raid gets knocked into air and takes damage. DPS down the stone hands immediately. [Slam] does high damage on Tanks/melee - ranged spread at max distance in half of room. Dodge [Rippling Smash], [Reverberations] and [Rune of Crushing Earth]. Kromog goes into [Frenzy] at 30% (increased damage). [Heroism] at 30%, after [Rune of Grasping Earth].




Beastlord Darmac


  • Darmac starts on foot. He mounts the beast nearest to him at 85%, 65% and 45%. Recommended order is Cruelfang > Ironcrusher > Dreadwing.

  • On Foot / Mounted - Tank Darmac next to the beasts gate. AoE down beasts immediately during [Pack Beasts]. Dodge Heavy Spears during [Pin Down]. If player is hit, DPS down Heavy Spear immediately to free them. Heavy Spears should be killed, but lower priority. Ranged should be spread. [Heroism] during the final On Foot phase, after Dreadwing dies.

  • Cruelfang - [Rend and Tear] will pounce to a random ranged, then back to Tank, applying debuff to both. Tank should step away from melee before Cruelfang jumps back to avoid spreading to melee (7y). OT stands with melee. Tank swap every [Rend and Tear]. [Savage Howl] will buff all nearby allies, [Pack Beasts]. Pull Cruelfang away before he casts this or tranq the enrage on each [Pack Beast]. Darmac will continue to [Rend and Tear] after Cruelfang dies.

  • Ironcrusher - Continue to Tank swap on [Rend and Tear], as this will manage swaps for [Crush Armor] as well. Ranged stay spread to avoid [Stampede] and spreading [Rend and Tear] pounces. Rotate healing cooldowns to manage raid-wide [Tantrum] damage.

  • Dreadwing - Continue to Tank swap for [Rend and Tear], as this will manage swaps for [Seared Flesh] as well. Ranged stay spread to avoid [Rend and Tear] pounces and not spread [Conflagration]. Dispel [Conflagration] immediately. Always face Dreadwing away from raid, to avoid raid getting [Inferno Breath]. Dispel immediately off Tank and any player receiving the debuff. Continue to rotate healing cooldowns to manage raid-wide [Tantrum] damage.


Operator Thogar


  • [Heroism] on pull. Dodge trains - move to safe track as early as possible. Tank swap [Enkindle] at 2x stacks. Ranged dodge [Prototype Pulse Grenade]. Pick up, tank on top of Thogar, kill adds immediately as they spawn from stopped trains (cleave Thogar). Add priority = Firemender > Man-At-Arms > Crack-Shot > Raider. Interrupt/dispel Firemender’s [Cauterizing Bolt]. When two trains arrive on tracks 2 + 3, raid splits into two groups on tracks 1 + 4 to clear adds.


Iron Maidens


  • Dodge things on ground. Ranged spread. If targeted, kite the red fire across the border without running into raid. If targeted by [Blood Ritual], stand behind the tank to let him soak the ability. Lowest health boss will jump to ship. Boat team will jump when ropes come down (timed?). Click bomb to get off the ship. During boat phase, main area filled with bombs - Dodge them.

  • Boat: Marak the Blooded - spawns pool under feet every few seconds. Constantly move to avoid damage.

  • Boat: Enforcer Sorka - Kill adds quickly. Melee max range on Gorak. Tank in mid, cleave adds.

  • Boat: Admiral Ga’ran - Spread. Interrupt everything




Blackhand (in progress)


  • Phase 1 (100%-71%) - Dodge bad things. (Stack red arrows from boss together?). Tanks kite on perimeter and get punted toward center of the room.

  • Phase 2 - Get punted up to second floor… and other stuff.





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