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re: Guild Policies



• Our focus is to defeat end-game content while having as much fun as possible. We take pride in our success and failures, and approach all content with a positive, team-oriented, GUILD FIRST attitude.

• All players must and will conduct themselves in a respectful, group-first manner including but are not limited to: taking an item from another in need of said item, or taking an item from the guild bank, so that you may profit from the item; swearing or yelling in a negative tone at anyone in voice-chat, guild/party chat, or any other public channel. If you're not sure if your actions are acceptable, imagine that you are going on an interview for a job. If it's not something you would do there, then it isn't acceptable here.

• All players will also conduct themselves in an appropriate manner in all other areas of Azeroth and the lands beyond. When you are grouping with other guilds, remember the tag you wear reflects on this guild as well. "Ninja-ing" items, rude or insulting behavior to others, or any unsocial behavior is a reflection on this guild as well as yourself. Be proud of your guild tag. Be a nice player. At the very least, don't be a jerk. Even if "they started it first." Guild management won't accept that as a reason for rude or unacceptable behavior.

• Play by the rules Blizzard sets. Banned, suspended, or deleted players are of no use to us. And, to have gotten that sort of a consequence, you must have broken one of the conduct rules we stress.

Player conduct and guild expectations:

• We expect every member of the guild to constantly raise their level of play in any way possible. Improving your skill level, obtaining better gear outside of raids, studying boss fights in greater detail are all excellent examples of being a better raider.

• You must come to every raid fully-repaired, with no PvP-flag, and know your role in each of the encounters we will be tackling. At this time, the guild will provide the flasks necessary for raiding. You will be asked to have personal food for buffing should you be the one to perish between boss fights.

YOU MUST KNOW YOUR ROLE FOR EACH FIGHT. There are dozens of self-help, strategy-for-dummies sites/videos/bulletin threads out there detailing every fight in excruciating detail. THERE IS NO EXCUSE for not knowing an encounter well in advance. Use that information, it’s more than valuable. If you cannot stay, without interruption for a raid, tell your class officer in advance that night. If you are continuously AFK during a raid, you will be replaced.

• Listen to leadership, as we've done many of these same trials and tribulations before. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome, but there's a right way and a wrong way to communicate. During a raid don’t blurt out in vent, but message an officer or your class leader with your idea/question/insight. NEVER disrespect the Raid Leader or Officers by interrupting them in Vent.

• Get along with your guildmates. You don't have to love every single one, but it helps! The most important item is to be polite, use manners, and always show respect for your teammates.

• Guild members enjoy the benefit of a guild bank, which will operate on a first-come, first-serve basis, provided the use adheres to the Code of Conduct. All non-DKP items are open to all members of EA. Any DKP items will follow DKP rules. While we refer to the guild bank as a single entity, we have 3 off guilds for extra storage of needed materials. Ask one of the officers or Draggonbait, if you need something you don't see.

• To request an item for use, you must either ask an Officer or Guild Master via tells, voice-chat, in-game mail, or the forums mail here. All requests are handled on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the needs of the guild, player, and stockpile of said item.

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