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About Eternal Asylum

Welcome to Eternal Asylum!

Eternal Asylum is an end game raiding guild focusing on working through the Normal and Heroic content, with a definite family fun atmosphere. With the inclusion of flex raiding into the game, we will be expanding our 10man team to include any and all up to 30 members for raiding. We will be working towards a 20man Mythic Team in the future. We are serious about raiding, but we are also serious about this being a game and that real life comes first. By looking at this as a game, with friends behind the characters we play, we enjoy our outtings in Azeroth and beyond with a great team of people.

We will tolerate no drama, no disrespect of teammates, and absolutely no disrespect of others in any realm. Members will conduct themselves in a manner that will not reflect poorly on the Guild name. Secondly, Blizzard sets the T.O.S. for a reason. Banned or suspended accounts are of no use to the team. In order to get banned/suspended, you must have been doing something seriously against the T.O.S. Respect yourself. Respect the team. Respect the game.

Our current raiding schedule is 7:15pm-9:00pm server time, with Wednesday and Friday as off nights. If you would like to become a member of our fun family and team, please go to the applications link and tell us about yourself.

All our raiders are required to have specific mods in order to help the success of the team. Those mods are, but not limited to:

• Mumble *Most Current Version*

• Deadly Boss Mods *Most Current Version*

• Angry Assignments *Most Current Version*

• Decursive if applicable

• Various other mods as decided by the Officers., and listed in Guild Info Tab ingame.

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